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Testimonials of our Moving Services


My  husband and I did a self-pack move from Alaska to Arkansas using The  Moving Man in July, and I am absolutely thrilled with the price, the  level of service, and the efficiency. We loaded our belongings into a  freight container in The Moving Man freight yard, and after the bulkhead  was secured, my car was also loaded and the container was then sealed.  Everything shipped exactly when it was supposed to, and being able to  track the shipment online each step of the way as it made its way from  Alaska to Washington by ship, then from Washington to Arkansas by train,  and the driver who trucked them to the house by truck brought peace of  mind and let us know exactly when to expect the arrival of our  belongings. The dispatcher who called us to let us know our things were  off the train, and the driver who trucked them to the house, were  equally as professional and courteous. Everything arrived safe and  secure with nothing broken or damaged. As a veteran of many  cross-country moves, this was truly my best experience ever. I highly  recommend The Moving Man for any long distance move, and I thank you and  your staff for a job well done!

Linda and Mike Billmaier

Phil  and I want to thank all of you for your professionalism in coordinating  and helping with our recent move from Alaska to Salem, OR and Palm  Desert, CA. All our household goods arrived in perfect shape and ahead  of schedule. The driver [of] the van in Salem commented that “ Whomever  packed this van sure knew what they were doing.” Thanks to John and  David for their work loading and packing the shipment. We appreciate the  good work that all of you did in making our move successful.

Molly and Phil Jones  

I so sincerely want to thank “The Moving Man!” 

My  business Custom Accounting Services, LLC was immediately displaced from  their existing office space due to severe earthquake damage at our  location.    Not only did “The Moving Man” answer my call Monday morning  without me having to leave a message, but they also came out the very  same day to view the contents and moving location and provided me an  estimate by the end of the very same business day.

Our moving  time was scheduled for 11:00 am.  During the confirmation phone call it  was discussed that they moving truck and gentlemen may be a little bit  later than 11:00 depending on their morning moving job, which we agreed  to as we were pushing the clock already to be ready for them at 11:00  am.

Received a call about 10:15 am from the gentlemen in charge  of our move stating that they had finished their morning job early and  could come to our location then if we were ready for them.  So  appreciated the phone call prior to arrival to confirm if we were ready  for them, versus them just showing up.

They  arrived and got straight to work.  We can’t say enough good things  about Jose & Zack our movers.  They were courteous, professional and  very hard workers!  They hustled the whole time, loading a complete  truck load of furniture and office documents down two flights of stairs  and equally hustling to off load in our new location.  They even had to  make an extra trip back to our old location to load all of the items in  our storage unit, due to them not fitting in the first truck load, which  they also completed much quicker than I expected.  We even asked them  to move our one heaviest piece of furniture four separate times since we  couldn’t determine where we wanted it, which they also did with no  complaints and professionalism each time!  Thank you so much Jose &  Zack for all of your hard work!

In addition the quote for  estimated time and costs for the move came in exactly to the actual time  and costs.  Thank you again “The Moving Man!”  We will eagerly  recommend you to any one we know in need of moving services!

 Brie Loidolt
Custom Accounting Services, LLC

The  Moving Man quoted me a price that was more than $2,000.00 less than a  local competitor to ship my household items from Alaska cross country.   Martin even encouraged me to select a cheaper way to ship, that would  have meant less money for the Moving Man, but I picked the option of  having them load my items and ship with their contracted shipping  company.  The loading job was excellent, the office staff down-to-earth,  friendly, helpful, and all my items arrived in great condition.  The  only thing that the competitor offered beyond Moving Man was that the  items would be unloaded upon arrival.  I was able to hire locals for  that for a lot less money than $2,000! Five stars from me!

Heidi H.

Recently,  I engaged The Moving Man to assist in the Board’s office relocation.  The actual moving costs were less than estimated and the staff was  helpful and efficient. In my opinion they provided a greater service  than was required. The crew showed up in time and conducted the move  without my supervision. I recommend The Moving Man to anyone requiring  their professional services.

Kate DuBois, CEO

UIC  (Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corporation) and our family of companies have  employed The Moving Man periodically since March of 2005. During which  time they have provided our businesses with excellent support in the  areas of moving consultation and moving and office system configuration  services which have always exceeded our expectations. Their  responsiveness and ability to handle our business needs with little to  no lead time, and to accommodate the critical issues of packaging and  relocating entire companies, let alone individual offices, has been  crucial in our ability to streamline our business units with minimal  disruption.

We have found the management and employee team at The  Moving Man to be extremely knowledgeable, courteous, attentive to  detail, and committed to providing quality services at very reasonable  rates. The “roll up your sleeves” can-do attitude of their field staff  and the professionalism at which it is provided is second to none.

When  we have had a need for a moving service provider we have called on The  Moving Man, and we look forward to a continued relationship as we have  similar needs in the future. I can confidently recommend The Moving Man  as a solid and reliable supplier of moving consultation and moving  services.

Chris Phillips
Construction Manager

The  Alaska Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Inc. hired The Moving Man  to conduct a move of our entire 15 room office to a new location at the  end of June of this year. We were extremely pleased with the level of  service we received. The movers were friendly and went out of their way  to help our staff. They were punctual and reliable. We were very busy  during that time and their speed, care, and efficiency were a tremendous  help in getting our new offices up.

This is not the first  instance when we have relied on The Moving Man, three years ago we hired  them to conduct a similar move and the results were the same. On both  occasions we received efficient and reliable service. They were able to  provide us with good estimates, moving supplies and both projects were  completed under time and under budget.

We wholeheartedly recommend The Moving Man and would like to once again commend them and their staff for a job well done.


Derick Temiz
Operations Coordinator
Alaska Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Inc.